High-end kind of the high power series
The DID HI-PWR-SHK roller chains have thicker link plates than HI-PWR-S roller chains, and are the highest in tensile strength and allowable load between standard application chains, hence being appropriate for lower velocity hefty duty transmission.
Proposed makes use of
?The HI-PWR-SHK roller chains are 25 % higher in tensile strength and 50 % increased in maximum allowable load than the common roller chains, but since their excess weight is heavier, driving efficiency declines at large velocity. So, these are suitable for heavy duty at minimal velocity applications.

Multilevel parking machines, pipe benders, development machines, and so forth.
Choice of chains
Pick a proper HI-PWR-SHK sort chain based upon “Low-speed selection”
HI-PWR-SHK series is obtainable in simplex.
Normal sprockets for multiplex chains cannot be utilized.
Connecting hyperlinks and offset links
The very best feature of your HI-PWR-SHK roller chains is high highest allowable load. Hence, interference-fitted connecting back links (H connecting links) with small strength degradation are used.
The connecting plate along with the connecting pins are linked with spring pins. The tensile power of an H connecting hyperlink is equivalent to that of the chain, but the allowable load is relatively lower than that from the chain.
HI-PWR-S sort roller chains don’t have any offset link. Use an even quantity of links.
Under no circumstances make the holes from the connecting plate more substantial and under no circumstances make the pins thinner to facilitate the function for fitting the pins to the connecting plate, because otherwise the fatigue power will be lowered.