1676 Pin and bush coupling



Features – Simple in construction – Power transmission through high tensile bolts – Highly stiff rubber Bushes are capable to bear the shock load – Rubber bushes remain unaffected from water, oil or dust & suit to temperature up to 80ºC – Suitable for high-speed drives – On periodic maintenance, only Bushes have to be replaced as spares Flexible elements are loaded in compression – Fail safe design, High torque ratings, Capacity to withstand high overloads Full Description Flexible couplings transmit torque from one shaft to another and are particularly useful in cases where a limited amount of misalignment of the shaft is unavoidable. Elflex flexible couplings are cushioned drive type couplings that transmit the torque through rubber bushes which have an excellent capacity to absorb shocks. A barrel shape of the bushes guarantees a uniform distribution of loads, even in case of misalignment, thus limiting the bending moment resulting from the radial force on the pins. Bushes are composed of a NBR element containing natural rubber.