1677 Pin and bush coupling



Features & Benefits Permit drive in either direction. Lubrication not required. No adjustment after fitting. Barrel shaped bushes ensure effective shocks and vibration absorption. Low maintenance. Facility to dismantle machines simply by removing bolts and rubber bushes. The composition of the rubber bushes is unaffected by water, dust and atmospheric conditions. Elflex flexible couplings are suitable for driving all classes of machinery. The couplings work within the permissible limits of misalignment as per IS: 2693 and BS : 3170. Higher Torque to Weight Ratio Manufactured out of Cast Iron Grade FG-250 as per IS 210 Symmetrical and simple coupling design – Blind assembly possibility, Cost effective, Low inventory requirements scalloped barrel shape Elastomer bushes – Guarantees a uniform distribution of loads, even in case of misalignment limiting the bending moment resulting from the radial force on the pins.