Standard Description
Consisting of the stress balanced gear pump, DC motor, multi-functional manifold, valves, tank, ect., this electrical power unit is intended to operate material managing products. The reducing motion is achived from the solenoid valve with the reducing speed controlled by an adjustable needle valve. The left and appropriate functions are equipped by using a dual pilot operated verify valve and cross-over relief valves.
Remark: Please seek the advice of our income engineer to the diverse pump displacement, motor energy or tank capability.
Exclusive Notes
1. This energy unit is of S3 duty cycle, i.e.,non-continuous operation,30 seconds on and 270 seconds off.
2. Clean all the hydraulic elements concerned just before set up of the power unit.
3. Viscosity from the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which need to also be clean and free of charge of impurities.N46 hydraulic oil is proposed.
4. This energy unit should be mounted horizontal.
5. Check the oil level in the tank immediately after the 1st get started of your electrical power unit.
six. Oil modifying is needed following the preliminary one hundred operation hrs, afterwards the moment just about every 3000 hrs.