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Our goods are made by modern day computerized machinery and tools. With a lot of years’ knowledge in these traces, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our benefits in competitive pricing, on-time supply, prompt responses, on-hand engineering support and good following-sales companies. The large precise CNC tools, such as Gradual-feeding wire-minimize equipment, jig grinding device and electrical discharge equipment, guarantees the best high quality precision of mould processing, with the higher productive and environmental safety acid rolling line getting the biggest uncooked content changing products in the subject in china The wildly use of automatic milling equipment, large-velocity automated feeding punch, substantial speed automated rolling and assembling machine guarantees the higher quality and performance of factors and chain creating. Sand pump anti-abrasive centrifugal mining gravel pump

EPT NP-G sequence of dredge and gravel pumps is created especially for continous pumping of very aggressive slurries, with a vast particle dimensions distribution. Capable of managing large particles at persistently higher efficiencies benefits in lower EPT of ownership. The massive volume interior profile of the casing minimizes related velocities further rising part daily life.

Normal Application –
Slag Granulation
Suction Hopper EPTT
Barge Loading
Sand reclamation
SuXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. beet

one. Application:
Take in the silt and sand in the river, lake, sea, reservoir, pound, electric EPTT EPTT, stone processing EPTT, deep well.

two. EPTnological Attribute:
A horizontal, single-shell construction pump, stream elements EPT nickel, chromium higher abrasion resistant material and has good put on resistance, corrosion resistance and substantial trustworthiness.

EPT and EPT straigEPTT for the decision of the EPT, V-belt EPT, EPT coupling EPT, EPT EPTT.

The discharge direction of pump can be oriEPTTd in any path of 360 deg .

EPT in the course of the export of a 360-degree rotation installation spot to accommodate different installation situations at the scene.

EPT Types :
one EPTT gland For the suction or gravity situation. The pressure of sealing liquid should be 35Kpa higher than the discharge stress of the witnessed in following table.

two Expeller seal In EPTT for gravity issue the gravity head need to not be exceeded to ten% of the whole head of the pump and the shaft EPTT increase by five% about.

3. Characteristics:
EPT effectiveness, put on resistant, secure overall performance.

4. Type notation:
six/4D-G (orGH)
six————-suction diameter(inch)
four————-discharge diameter(inch)
D————-body sort
G————-gravel pump
GH———–high-head of gravel pump

EPTT Drawing:

Major Component Variety At the Drawing
003: Base 131:Bowl
005:EPTT Assembly 137:EPTTeller
132: Intake EPTt 041:Again Liner
Discharge EPTt 135:Doorway Clamp Ring
130:Discharge Flange 134:Adapter Plate Clamp Ring
Consumption Flange 124:Volute EPTT Seal
013: EPTT Plate

StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds EPT Chrome Alloy EPT Chrome Alloy Solid Iron Chrome Alloy or SG Iron Chrome Alloy or SG Iron SG Iron Organic EPT
Options SG Iron SG Iron Delicate Metal Fabricated SG Iron SG Iron EN56C Ferralium Hastelloy C Ceramic Stellite Chrome OXiHu (West EPT) EPTel Neoprene Viton Butyl EPTDM

EPT Performance Curve Selection Chart

NP-G EPT Functionality Parameters

EPT Model Allowable
Distinct JCEP Functionality Max JCEP Passing (mm)
Capacity Q EPT Velocity Max.Eff. NPSH EPTTeller
m3/h l/s H(m) n(r/min) eta% (m) Dia.
six/4D-G sixty 36-250 ten-70 5-fifty two 600-1400 fifty eight 2.5-3.five 378 82
8/6E-G 120 126-576 35-one hundred sixty six-forty five 800-1400 60 3-4.five 378 127
ten/8S-GH 560 216-936 sixty-260 eighteen-80 500-one thousand 65 three-7.5 533 180
ten/8S-G 560 a hundred and eighty-1440 50-400 thirteen-50 500-950 seventy two 2.5-five 711 178
twelve/10G-G 600 360-1440 one hundred-four hundred ten-sixty four hundred-850 sixty five one.5-4.5 667 220
twelve/10G-GH 1200 288-2808 eighty-780 16-eighty 350-seven-hundred seventy three 2.-ten. 950 210
fourteen/12G-G 1200 576-3571 a hundred and sixty-840 8-70 300-700 sixty eight two.-eight. 864 241
16/14TU-GH 1200 324-3600 ninety-1000 26-70 three hundred-500 72 3.-six. 1270 230
eighteen/16T-G 1200 720-4320 two hundred-1200 12-forty eight 250-500 72 three.-6. 1067 254

Item Overview

EPT Other related Sand Gravel EPTs

Sand Gravel EPT Software

Possible Faults and Settlements

Faults Cause Settlement
one.EPT fails to discharge any drinking water,The hand of pressure gauge beat violently one.Suction pipe don’t have enough drinking water.
2.Suction pipe blocked or the valve is locked.
one. Inject enough drinking water
two.unlock the inlet valve,obvious the blocks
three.ExcEPTT the air leakage
2.The pump can not discharge water,the hand of EPT meter conquer heavily. one.The inlet valve is unlocked or silted up.
two.The resistance of suction pipe is also massive or silted up.
three.The heigEPTT of suction is also substantial.
one.Unlock the valve or desilting
two.enhance the style of suction pipe or desilt
three.Lower the heigEPTT of the installation.
three.The pump can’t discharge drinking water,pressure gauge shows heavy pressure. 1.The resistance of the discharge pipe is as well large.
2.The impeller blocked
three.The velocity is sluggish.
1.Check out and change the outlet pipe.
2.Clear the impeller
3. EPTTrove the velocity.
4.The pump does not rotate The volute is silted up by the blocks. Clear the blocks
five.The ability is not sufficient 1.The blocks of the impeller or the inlet or outlet pipe.
2.The abrasion of the impeller is seriously.
three.The speed is low to standard
four.EPT is installed unreasonably or the leakage of the inlet pipe.
five.The transporting heigEPTT is also high,the decline of the resistance of the inside pipe are too huge.
six.The inlet valve not open sufficient or blocked
seven.The EPTT seal leaks
1.Very clear the impeller or pipe.
two.Alter the impeller

3.Change the pace
4.Set up once again or stop leaking.

  1. Reduce the heigEPTT of the transport or decrease the resistance.
  2. Unlock the inlet valve
  1. Compress the EPTT tightly
6.The motor of the pump is overloaded 1.The head of the pump exceeds the head of the functioning problem.
two.Not consiEPTTthe slurry density when deciding on the pump.
three.The EPTT push tightly
one.Turn down the outlet valve,minimize the impeller or lower the pace.
2.Pick the motor yet again.
three.Modify the the screw of the EPTT gland
seven.Abnormal seem in the pump, and no drinking water out one.The resistance of the inlet pipe is as well huge.
two.The heigEPTT of the suction is as well higher.
3.Cavitation occurred

  1. there is air in the inlet
  2. The temperature of the liquid is as well higher
  1. Very clear the suction pipe and sluice valve.
  2. Reduce the heigEPTT of the suction
  3. Change the water valve and enable the pump run in the described limitations.
  4. Block the leakage.
  5. Lowering the liquid temperature.
eight.pump vibrates 1.pump cavitate
two.The block of the impeller solitary vane
three.The no EPTity amongst the pump shaft and motor shaft
4.Fasteners or foundation unfastened
1.Alter the drinking water valve ,decrease the heigEPTT of the installation,decrease the resistance of the inlet.
2.Clear the impeller
three.Alignment again
four.Fasten the screw,and fortify the basis.
9.EPTT is overheat one.lock the cooling h2o
2.lubrication is not great.
3.the lubrication oil is not very clear
four.the wrong course of the thrust bearing.
five.there is something mistaken with the bearing.
  1. Open the cooling drinking water
  2. Adjust the oil quantity
  3. Very clear the shaft,alter oil
  4. According to the inlet force,alter the route of the thrust bearing.
  5. Alter the bearing
10.EPTT brief life The content of EPTT is not very good Adjust the EPTT
eleven.pump leak oil 1.EPT oil degree
two.The rubber elements invalid
3.Assembly problem
1.Reduced the oil degree
two.Adjust rubber spares
3.Change the assembly
twelve EPT head leaking one.The rubber elements not push properly Assembly once more or press tightly

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  in Zaria Nigeria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Sand Pump Anti-Abrasive Centrifugal Gravel Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler